About us

Founded in 2017, Bitbz is a global leader passionate about cryptocurrency and dedicated to provide the qualitative, competitive and absolutely legal services. It is guided by a team of 30 engineers and more than 200 staffs who are engaged in bitcoin market for 5 years. The advanced cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies make bitcoin rapidly gain popularity as an alternative payment method. Thus, bitbz is established to guarantee the safety of all deposits with the effective system and optimal conditions.

Bitbz will meet the demands from both bitcoin newbies and professionals because of the concise page design as well as easy operation. Bitcoin tranctions here are conducted with no barriers. Users will enjoy the convenience brought by reliable APIs and relatively low tranction fees when using the easy-to-use wallet. Also, sending bitcoins by emails with no fee is realized.

Your money is safe and sound as we endeavor to improve the standard of bitcoin security. Embrace the world and start your Bitcoin exploration on Bitbz.com.